Machine-Edit Cooking Show

  • 2019
  • Individual Project

Machine-Edit Cooking Show is a design project exploring the co-creation of content between a streamer and an algorithmic collaborator. The project culminated in a live-streamed cooking show, edited by a machine learning algorithm, which chooses the camera angle based on the speech of the performer.

The design and build of the livestream set served as an opportunity to experiment with the affordances in the build environment that could best support this kind of human-algorithm collaboration.

System Overview

A machine learning algorithm was trained on Youtube cooking shows, connecting the speech of performers with the corresponding camera angle. The algorithm was used in a specially design set to perform a live-streamed cooking show, where all camera angles were selected by the algorithm.

Design of the Set

Live Performance

The system was performed live by Jarret Lin as a part of the experimental Wobbly Realities livestream publication.