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Hi, I'm Adit.

I'm a designer, researcher, and critical technologist immersed in the messy realities of complex systems, turning systems thinking into tangible stuff.

Broken News

  • 2021

A memorial to the Chinese Massacre of 1871 critically reflecting on the role of news media in the demonization of Chinese-Americans in Los Angeles.

Unstable Label

  • 2020

A speculation on alternative approaches to Machine Learning through the design of a data labeling app.

Machined Data

  • 2019

Speculative design scenarios around civic data collection for machine learning.

Study Manager

  • 2018

Helping biologists working with Organs-on-Chips plan and execute experiments.

How can prototyping facilitate design discovery?

Using prototyping as a design discovery method to explore and make sense of machine learning in the civic context.

How can design scenarios emerge from material exploration?

Using creative technology and design fiction to create design scenarios to explore data collection for machine learning.

Turning discovery research into product vision

Developing the strategic vision and detailed UX design for enterprise software in the biotech context.

Machine-Edit Cooking Show

Roaming View


Slope:Intercept Exhibit Design

Mitigation of Shock

Community Codesign

Adapt to Live

Spaces for Project Based Learning

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About Me

I help teams build to learn. Whether it’s strategic foresight or UX research and design, I make things in the early, productively messy stages of research. I’m interested in the moments when groups of people tackle big questions. I design and prototype across scales to assist groups in making ideas concrete, approachable, and comprehensible.

With training in mechanical engineering, visual design and writing code, as well as experience in navigating complexity in technical and social systems, I’m comfortable in many “how” contexts. I’m motivated by a similarly wide range of “why” challenges: equitable futures, sustainable infrastructure, civic technologies, public memory, and more.

I’m an experienced collaborator, and I’m seeking more opportunities to turn systems thinking into tangible stuff.

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  • Intern, Human Centered Designer II

2019 - Current

  • Emulate
  • Associate Product Designer


  • Superflux
  • Product Designer

Summer 2016

  • Onshape
  • User Experience Intern

Summer 2015

  • MFA Media Design Practices
  • ArtCenter College of Design


  • BS Mechanical Engineering
  • Olin College of Engineering


Exhibited Work

May 2020

December 2019

December 2018