Spaces for Project Based Learning

  • 2015
  • 2 Person Team

Using a human-centered design process to redesign and prototype a classroom and lab space at Olin College of Engineering to better support, inform and represent the culture of the project-based engineering course held within that space. The end result of the summer long process was a newly configured space, with two custom designed and built furniture pieces to support the space.


The classroom space started as what could be characterized as an engineering school junkyard. The goal was to clean up the space, and to design it to better support the learning and project outcomes of the course.

Design Process

Connecting needs and attitudes of the space with potential solutions, actions, and properties of the space.


Prototyping promising ideas at scale to quickly test and evaluate concepts.

Evaluating Prototypes

We used a weighted table, with criteria defined by the values defined at the beginning of the design project to evaluate the prototypes.

Production and Build

Using a CNC router to build out custom furniture designed identified through the design process.


Images of the space in use, and of the furniture piece I designed and built.