Roaming View

  • 2019
  • Individual Project

Roaming View started from the observation that conventional mapping technologies like satellite view maps or google street view could not capture the ever-changing nature of civic space in a place like Mexico City. Roaming View became a creative technology exploration of this observation, facilitating 4 weeks of design research and fieldwork in Mexico City.

The outcome of this project was a shoe prototype that documented maps from an "ankle-view" perspective. The prototype served both as a means to think through alternative approaches to navigation and mapping, as well as a provocation in facilitate conversations about the limitations of the technologies we use to try to map and understand our cities.

Field Research

This project emerged from field research and immersion in Mexico City, responding to the broad design brief to explore the role of technology in Mexico City at different scales and the embedded value systems they create and support. 

Making as Thinking

Iteratively prototyping in Mexico City on a device that could help me explore the different technologies of navigation. This prototyping was in response to the observation that technologies like satellite view maps and google steet view can’t capture the ever changing nature of Mexico City. 

![A cobbler sewing onto a leather boot](./Roaming-View-06.png' #grid-column=wide-left / wide-right')


I created two versions of the Roaming View device, which takes pictures from an ankle view with each step you take. These journeys were represented visually through time lapse videos, as well as faux google maps directions.