Slope:Intercept Exhibit Design

  • 2016
  • Research Assistant

I worked with the designer and artist Sara Hendren to design an outdoor, participatory exhibit for her Slope:Intercept project at the SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul 2016. I sketched early design concepts, developed more refined 3D models, worked with a local fabricator to build the exhibit, and supported the installation on site.

Initial Sketches

First step was to conduct research on the Slope:Intercept project, and collect reference imagery, and project in this Pinterest board. Using this research as a starting point, I started sketching concepts.

Sketches of ramp exhibit ideas
grid-column=center / wide-right

Site Specific Ideation

The next step was to develop some concepts, but specific to the site where the work was to be installed.

Installation Design

Once one of the concepts was finalized on, I developed the engineering drawings to create the parts. We got help with the installation and fabrication from a team in Seoul.